Last November, Pujolasos launched “Woork®”, an innovation focused on responding to the growing demand for sustainable, organic, ecological and natural packaging.

During the Covid19 pandemic, consumer ecological awareness has been greatly enhanced. A clear example is the sustainability policies of our clients that stand out for having a clear mission, vision and business values, characterized by the same common denominator: reinforcing the sustainability of their products packaging and committing to environmental, social and collective responsibility.

What are the main features of “Woork®”?

  • Glue removal
  • Removal of plastic interiors
  • “Ready to go” innovation
  • Customizable interior
  • No need for recycling
  • After its useful life, it is ready to be thrown directly into the organic waste.

A packaging made from natural materials REMOVING plastic interiors and glues to join both materials.

Woork®, an Organic and Compostable wooden cap

For more information:
Telephone: +34 93 858 44 51

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