The Woodle® innovation has recently been nominated within “Top Innovation” of the event organised by ADF&PCD and PLD Digital Days. A globally patented innovation by Pujolasos, it addresses a market need: to offer a sustainable and natural closure, free of glue and with a disposable technical plastic interior to be recycled after its useful life.

This innovation is compatible with most existing plastic developments and is available for both the perfumery sector (perfume caps) and the cosmetics sector (cosmetic caps).  This patent is applicable to any material that covers this innovation, not only wood.

Within the same online event organized by ADF&PCD and PLD Paris on March 23rd, Pujolasos will talk about the great challenge that the packaging industry is facing and the sustainable, organic and compostable innovations that Pujolasos offers to the Beauty sector.

PCD Digital Day
March 23rd, at 4:30 p.m.

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