Barcelona, 16th October, 2020.

Consumers’ ecological awareness has been greatly strengthened in recent years. Pujolasos is focused in to offer a sustainable and innovative packaging, with a high environmental, social and productive commitment. Sustainability and innovation are some of our company main pillars.

¿What is our mission? Create sustainable and innovative solution with high value. Do you know which ones we carried out this year 2020?


Cap with recyclable (disposable) plastic inner.

Main values:

  • Disposable plastic inner design to be recycled after its useful life
  • Innovation oriented towards sustainability and reduce and recycle
  • Innovation is applied to any plastic development, both in perfumery and cosmetics
  • Applicable to any material that covers such plastic innovation, not just wood
  • “Ready to go” innovation
  • Patented innovation by Pujolasos.

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Wood cap with inner cork. An Organic and Compostable wooden cap

Main values:

  • Glue removal
  • Removal of plastic interiors
  • “Ready to go” innovation
  • Customisable cork inner
  • No need for recycling
  • After its useful life, it’s ready to be thrown directly into the organic waste
  • Patented innovation by Pujolasos.

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Monomaterial cosmetic cap. Wooden cap with incorporated thread.

Main values:

  • Reduce plastic in cosmetic bottle caps
  • Offer a monomaterial cap with organic lacquers
  • Without glue, without any built-in threaded plastic interior.

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