Svalbardi: North Pole water with a unique touch by Pujolasos.  In 2016, Pujolasos started to design and produce this exclusive project from North Pole water. In the faraway Svalbard archipelago, a remote and lonely expanse in the northern most end of the Kingdom of Norway, practically deserted and just 620 miles away from the North Pole. That’s where the world’s purest water is collected. This liquid is so sheer there that almost doesn’t present any minerals at all.

The result is Svalbardi, a glass bottle of water for refined palates whose ritzy cap has been developed by Pujolasos wood packaging. Svalbardi’s water is gathered only twice a year with the object of conserve the natural environment, and it’s all used for a limited edition aimed to the international luxury market. This cap, inspired in glacier’s nature, has been manufactured by Pujolasos plant in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), very close to the Pyrenees.

Pujolasos’ exclusive cap incorporates the universal symbol for ice in the form of a high-definition thermo-engraving. The gracious neck of the bottle, rather unusual in the bottled water market, makes Svalbardi a unique acquisition. Overall, the sum of treated glass and the best timber result in a dazzling bottle, whose distinguished appearance brings us to the massive glaciers of the North Pole, evoking their purity and freshness.

Production of these exclusive caps reinforces Pujolasos positioning in wood packaging inside the Premium and prestige segment, thus providing the natural and gentle finish of wood in a professional and painstaking way. Svalbarði goes beyond of  Carbon Neutral certification, gathering ice sustainably while helping save the Artic.

Nowadays this Polar Iceberg Water is recognized to be the third most expensive bottle water in the world in 2020.

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