What do you think are the main competitive advantages of wood packaging within the perfumery and cosmetics sector?

Over the past 5 years, the introduction of Pujolasos wood packaging into the perfume and cosmetics industry has grown up exponentially. There have been several factors that have favored this main growth, and not only the ecological awareness of the final consumer that drives global market trends.

Some of the main factors have been:

·  Increase of Pujolasos productive capacity during these last 3 years, already surpassing 50 million pieces per year.
·  Automation of all production sections: woodturning, CNC’s, varnish lines and gluing machines.
· Implementation in 2019 of artificial vision as a guarantee of quality.
· Wood drying capacity in the own facilities.
· Robotization in specific production segments.
· Innovation as a factor of business growth.
· ISO 9001: 2015 certification
· Approval audits of worldwide strategic clients..
· Standard product customization. 
· The Pujolasos team with a clear personal / business alignment.

Where is our industry going …?

A successful industry is one that knows how to satisfy the changing needs of the market and its customer. An industry with high Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), capable of carrying out internal policies to reduce the footprint and the environmental impact of the products it manufactures … An industry where Pujolasos serves a market with an increasingly defined DNA: the essence of sustainability.

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