Woork® will be, once again, the main protagonist in PCD París, next 29&30 January. Pujolasos has developed a Organic & Compostable Cosmetic wooden cap system aimed at the Cosmetic Industry.

Exclusive in PCD París exhibition. Stand J26.

“Woork®” is an innovation recently patented by PUJOLASOS, which responds to the growing demand of the perfumery and cosmetic market: to offer a completely organic, natural, ecological and compostable wooden cap.

2 months ago PUJOLASOS team launched the first perfume wooden 100% COMPOSTABLE cap of the market, made of totally natural materials, such as wood and cork, ELIMINATING plastic inner parts and glues to join both materials. This week in PCD Paris exhibition, PUJOLASOS will introduce the Woork® innovation oriented to Cosmetic Industry.

Wood and cork are a completely renewable natural material, by nature, are 100% recyclable. Wood is a noble, organic and 100% natural material associated to luxury and sustainability. This innovation responds to the current need and demand of the market aimed at offering to consumers 100% organic, sustainable and compostable packaging products for the beauty sector.

Pujolasos has taken a huge step in the sustainability and empowerment of compostable packaging  and now offers to the market a product that meets all expectations of success.

Woork®, a 100% Organic & Compostable system.
After its useful life, it is ready to throw it directly to the organic waste.
It’s a “ready to go” innovation.

For more information: woork@pujolasos.com
Phone: +34 93 858 44 51

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