Pujolasos designs and produces caps and finishes for luxury packaging adapted to every possible form and material. We already have an established expertise strengthen throughout our almost 50 years of history that allows us to advise our clients, from the first stages, such as design concept, to manufacturing of all finishes.

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Packaging is a key element in every product in perfume industry: it allows us to transmit both values and sensations, project our wishes and aspirations… That’s why it is essential to choose the appropriate materials and make sure their presentation is optimal.

The feel, durability and quality assurance offered by each material are decisive factors when it comes to decision-making. Pujolasos, an international reference in wood packaging for the premium sector, offers their clients advise about the most suitable materials and their respective features. Some of the first brands in this competitive industry have already placed their trust in our work (for instance: Puig, Rituals, Loewe and Boho Cosmetics, among many others).

Our team does not only possess a broad experience and a solid career in premium class perfume products, but also can count on its own R&D department.

Pujolasos’ cosmetics packaging designs are conceived in order to fully satisfy our clients regarding its efficiency and the central process of seducing customers in their final buying decision.

The packaging for beauty & cosmetics products is a highly complex element and, at the same time, an absolutely strategic one, in close relation to purchasing decisions. They include plenty of messages and what we call storytelling –about the product it contains as well as the brand releasing it. Furthermore, this kind of containers need specific finishes which can be compatible with different products made out from diverse textures: creams, perfumes, powders, lacquers, etc.

In Pujolasos we treat wood with advanced specific methods, which provide durability and capacity for the perfect conservation of the final product.

The result is a top-class packaging, which gathers qualities such as elegance, innovation, functionality and a rich personality.




All iconic bottles from historical brands have something in common: they reflect the spirit and character of its drink.

With our designs we get a distinguished presence of this element among the competition, while we represent the values of the brand in the process.

Beverage packaging must show the identity of the producer and, at the same time, clearly identify the product category to which it belongs.

The art of shaping the genuine personality of each liquor into a wood cap also have to be merged with functionality and perfect product preservation.

Smells, textures, different kinds of materials… the combination of all these elements contribute to create cozy, warm atmospheres, or maybe specifically targeted to an specific audience.

Like the packaging itself, fresheners become powerful attraction fields that surround a stay in order to provide personality and make it unique. In Pujolasos we are experts at creating atmosphere tools inspired on nature’s organic components.


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