“Woork®” is an innovation recently patented by PUJOLASOS, which responds to the growing demand of the perfumery and cosmetic market: to offer a completely organic, natural, ecological and compostable wooden cap.

After several years of innovation, few months ago  PUJOLASOS team launched de first wooden 100% COMPOSTABLE cap of the market, made of totally natural materials, such as wood and cork, ELIMINATING plastic inner parts and glues to join both materials.

Wood and cork are a completely renewable natural material, by nature, are 100% recyclable. Wood is a noble, organic and 100% natural material associated to luxury and sustainability. This innovation responds to the current need and demand of the market aimed at offering to consumers 100% organic, sustainable and compostable packaging products for the beauty sector.

Pujolasos has taken a huge step in the sustainability and empowerment of compostable packaging  and now offers to the market a product that meets all expectations of success.

Woork®, a 100% Organic & Compostable system.
After its useful life, it is ready to throw it directly to the organic waste.
It’s a “ready to go” innovation.

For more information: woork@pujolasos.com
Phone: +34 93 858 44 51