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Do you want to be SCALPERS too?

One of the latest launches that Pujolasos has been working on corresponds to the recent launch of the disruptive SCALPERS perfume. A masculine fragrance where the sustainable wooden cap in the form of a coil stands out. The style proposed by this brand is not...

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“Divide and Rule!”

"DIVIDE AND RULE!" Plastic has a very bad reputation, and the truth is that we will always prefer wood... But we have to admit that this material is very versatile, with many technical properties that allow us to develop complex packaging solutions. That is why we...

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Let’s go for 2021!!

What a challenging year this 2020 has proposed to us… A year full of challenges never seen before. Resilience and adaptation to change have been the main changes that society has had to promote to adapt to these unexpected circumstances, something that is not always...

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PUJOLASOS wood & pack

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