New York City and its skyscrapers have been a source of inspiration for the sustainable wood-based trophies that we created for the Green Awards at the Luxe Pack New York fair on May 10 and 11 in the American city.

To develop the trophies was used sustainable wood coming from different parts of the world, chosen for its esthetic and variety. The prize has been created with the virgin woods to emphasize its purity. In addition, have been cut in different sizes to make more visible the symbolization of the New York skyline. Following our values, we bet on the use of pure materials in totally of the award development, and for that reason porcelain was used, material also associated to luxury and sustainability.

The trophy, created for our design and innovation team, was kept secret until last May 10th. Isabel Pujolasos, CEO and managing director gave the award to the winners. James Cropper, awarded in the category of the best sustainable product development, and Sheufelen, winner of the best sustainable initiative. On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we were selected to develop the Green Awards trophy for the 15th edition of the referent trade of packaging luxury sector in United States.

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