According to Mr. Antonio Achille, partner and global leader for the luxury sector of the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey & Company, confirms that sustainability is a real strategic element in the development of a brand. Sustainability has ceased to be a concept of simple sensitivity to become a real strategic element in the development of a brand. The market is currently undergoing a very important and fast transformation and our customers have been working in this direction for a while. A highly changing “Prestige” market where the most basic principles of the perception of the luxury of a product are being replaced, and the sustainability is implicitly incorporated into the product. 

Pujolasos, with a defined strategic business line towards sustainability, is committed to revaluing luxury PRESTIGE packaging through new market needs. This is where Pujolasos has a fundamental and strategic role in this new business need: to offer the market a fine, natural, organic and sustainable product such as wood, to enhance luxury within the new market parameters and rules. The future of luxury has to do with sustainability. Sustainability is an essential element within the strategies of fashion and luxury brands and is already presented as a real economic advantage. Firms invest in sustainability as an economic investment for the future and do not think of a prompt return. According to the study, Marcos Mosteiro (author of the survey in “The Luxonomist”), fashion and luxury brands that now invest in sustainable development will go from 20% to 85% in just 10 years.

Pujolasos, faithful to sustainability and to the creation of value of the product of the packaging, has taken a huge step in that direction during the last years and already offers to the Prestige market a product that meets all the expectations of success. An agile, dynamic, close and flexible company that meets all prospects for success within the packaging sector.

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