Pujolasos is nowadays an established company with a long success career in the luxury  packaging sector.

We work transforming wood since 1967, and began by manufacturing different products aimed to obtain an exclusive decoration, as well as furniture finishes.

We have adapted ourselves to the market in order to fully satisfy our clients as new needs arose in this competitive industry.

All that led us to delve into the world of caps for whiskeys and brandies in 1998: that’s when we started to work along some of the most renowned international brands.

Later, in 2001, our next challenge was to set foot into cosmetics packaging.

We expanded our activities again to achieve recognition as a reference in this area, and this is confirmed today by dozens of projects with many top-class brands in the world.

In 2015 Pujolasos unified all production phases within a new industrial unit comprised by a 12.000m² usable space in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), which now serves as the company’s corporate headquarters.

Today, the third generation of Pujolasos’ family keeps running the business.



To seal the most exclusive products with top quality finishes is our paramount reason for being.


We distinguish each of our works as unique projects is the maxim we follow every single day.


Pujolasos working philosophy stands basically on the inner elegance and functionality of all our products. The natural condition of wood, taken to its maximum expression, gives our creations a distinctive touch of luxury and sophistication that fits perfectly in the premium segment.


Our final goal is to translate each brand’s own identity in packaging capable of instilling their contents and essence.


Our ambition is clearly to become a world reference in the luxury sector and keep dealing with the greatest firms with a well-established reputation:


To satisfy the particular needs of each client, with maximum quality and efficiency in the process.


At the same time, we maxime our equipment’s performance and efficiency.


To pursue excellence and constantly exploring formulas to improve our work in all processes, materials, equipment and finishes.



  • Towards people: We take care of our human capital as Pujolasos’ main active, while creating trusted partnerships with customers and suppliers.
  • Towards firms: with our clients, and above all, we search for Win-Win relations.
  • Towards environment: sustainability is a fundamental pillar when talking about our identity signs.

Impeccable quality. We create unique objects that combine design, functionality and brand value at the highest level.


We are always looking to bring the best service to our partners and to foster steady and lasting trade networks.


Àngel Pujolasos


Isabel Pujolasos

CEO & Manager

Àngel Pujolasos

CEO & Sales Manager

Sergi González

Sales Manager

Olga Camara

Quality Manager



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