Pujolasos is continuously working for the excellence in the innovation of their projects, that’s why we have developed a new concept # 3PremiumQuestions, three questions for people who have projects and ideas have values as innovation.

Stefano Morazzoni, is an Industrial Designer and winner of the Bruniglass Design Award 2017, with the design of a new bottle of spirits inspired by the New York World Trade Center building.


1. What does packaging mean to you?

For me, packaging is a physical point of connection and communication between people and products, it is the first part of the product, which a person really comes into contact with. Packaging is like a dress, it conveys the perception of the product and communicates its values.

For this reason, packaging design is a matter of great responsibility in a whole design process: it is often a determining factor for the success of a product, especially nowadays due to the high level of competitors on the market.


2. What is your source of inspiration?

I’m inspired by everything that surrounds me in everyday life.

I like to take inspiration from art world and during my travels. I love travelling and discovering new sensations, new colours and shapes, getting to know different cultures and habits that give me some emotions and stimuli for new projects. Form me inspirations is closely linked to curiosity, especially I’m curious and fascinated by people and I’m intrigued by their behaviour.

I believe that a good designer should be ‘in love with people’: after all, if we think about it, every good project is born from the observation of people, from curiosity to understand what could be improved by observing their actions.

The true inspiration start often form that point, it leads to the ‘birth’ of a design process whose ambition it touch the lives of many people and make it better in many ways.


3. What is the most important in packaging design?

Successful packaging should have the dual function of preserving (or protecting) and enhancing the product quality and values.

This is why, when I approach packaging design, I always think about the fundamental points that a clever packaging should have in order to emerge and conquer the market: practicality, brand value and emotional value.

While practicality is related to portability, comfort and more technical aspects, brand value and emotional value are linked to emotional sphere of a person that make it possible to leverage the consumer’s irrationality.

According to my point of view, the most important aspects are the emotional ones, designing a packaging also means designing the emotions that it transmits tot people, and in the mission design and creativity are fundamental tools to hit the market and increase business with a disrupting packagings.

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