At the end of 2018, Pujolasos initiated a comprehensive business program for resource optimization and internal continuous improvement established within its 2017-2022 strategic plan. A set of internal actions that are favoring the impulse of the company to take a solid step to double turnover digit for this year 2020.

During the past year 2019, internally, the company put its main focus on internal management, continuous improvement, the efficiency of its production processes, the information management processes and the empowerment of the equipment. A whole action series that have created a culture that drives change and innovation through effectiveness and continuous improvement. A set of action plans associated with the reality of the organization with ambitious and acceptable objectives, allowing to be more proactive, flexible, efficient and competitive.

The sustainable awareness of the final consumer favors the use of natural packaging such as wood. Wood, a noble material associated with luxury and sustainability, has a strategic role in the packaging sector within this new paradigm. One of the main internal objectives of the company’s management to date has been to align its production capacity, strengthen its equipment and enhance the Pujolasos business excellence to serve the increase in the consumption of organic, natural and sustainable packaging in the market .


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